We host a variety of fermentation workshops and occasional cooking classes using seasonal and local foods. Join us for this hands-on learning opportunities!

Various types of Miso

Miso Workshop

2.5-hour workshop where you learn how to make classic homemade Miso

Kimchi Workshop

2.5-hour workshop where you learn how to make vegan kimchi

Korean food

Cooking Classes

2.5-hour cooking class where you cook a Japanese food or a Korean food

Let’s Learn Together

We have hosted workshops and cooking classes since the start of our endeavour in 2021 and people who attend always have a great time whether they join alone or with their friends and family. You will take home the knowledge that you can cherish for the rest of your life!

“Island Eko Pantry’s workshops are hands-on, fun and insightful. I’ve taken both the Miso and Kimchi workshops and learned so much from Jungyeon and Misako. They are so knowledgeable and happy to share all the ins and outs of making these fabulous fermented foods. You get to take home yummy food with you to enjoy, AND you receive detailed notes so you can recreate the magic again. I’d 100% recommend their workshops!”

Shoko Sato

Swallow Jewellery Founder

miso workshop