Various types of Miso

Fermentation builds community

Island Eko Pantry was launched in April 2021 with two school friends who believe in the power of foods. All cultures around the world have tales to tell how their ancestors thrived before the modern technology was readily available, and one is preservation of foods. We learned from them, and now is the time to pass down those wisdoms to our next generation.

Our products develop flavours over time. Longer, more matured and deeper. Our classic miso goes through natural fermentation process (non-heated environment) so it takes time, but time is the most important factor for this particular type of slow foods. You will know when you taste the difference.

Our hope, when we launched our business, was to simply bring ease and joy in everyday cooking and to help people eat healthy meals. A spoonful of our sauces enhances flavour and is jam-packed with essential nutrients. What’s really important is to be creative and enjoy playing with them. There’s no limit!

great food brought to you

After so many trials, our sauces are made for perfect balance of essential flavours that stick with you.

fresh ingredients

All the ingredients that go into our products are carefully selected for its quality and are always monitored.

Customer satisfaction

Our small business is supported by our fans who love our products and that’s the reason we are here today.

Handcrafted asian ferments

A spoonful of our sauces will elevate your cooking experience. There’s no limit!

Miso soup a day keeps the doctor away!

Miso soup is not only delicious but it is jam-packed with nutrition and health benefits. Because miso is long-aged, all the players (microorganisms) of the fermentation leave us gifts during the process – B vitamins, minerals, and enzymes to name a few.

Are you still concerned about the sodium content in miso? A study shows that the frequency of miso soup consumption in Japanese adults was not associated with blood pressure. Because miso has so much umami and adds flavour, you actually don’t need that much amount and as a result, you use less sodium compared to table salt.

Let’s follow the steps below and make delicious miso soup!

How to make miso soup step 1
How to make miso soup step 2
How to make miso soup step 3
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We offer handcrafted Asian ferments that enhance flavours and make your cooking experience easy and fun!


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Let’s hear what our customers have to say

Here’s what our customers have to say

“The Ginger Miso delights at the first nibble! It is a taste that blends with everything and anything! Makes my meal special!”

Pat Irwin

“My friend recently gifted us some of their Miso. I have to say my husband and I absolutely love it. It’s been fantastic in dressings, and great base for sauces or even on its own!”

Chrisy Gyte

“Island Eko Pantry has opened up a whole new culinary experience for me! The freshest ingredients go into their products, the rice balls being the tastiest I have ever eaten. Several varieties of Miso can be used in many ways, enhancing any meal. Recipes are available to show how to create an Asian masterpiece! Thank you Island Eko Pantry!”

Elaine Miriam Pace

Island Eko Pantry’s workshops are hands-on, fun and insightful. I’ve taken both the Miso and Kimchi workshops and learned so much from Jungyeon and Misako. They are so knowledgeable and happy to share all the ins and outs of making these fabulous fermented foods. You get to take home yummy food with you to enjoy, AND you receive detailed notes so you can recreate the magic again. I’d 100% recommend their workshops!

Shoko Sato

“Island Eko Pantry offers a delightful range of Gochujang sauces, each brimming with the authentic flavour of Korean red pepper paste. The All-Purpose Gochujang Sauce, infused with the robust essence of garlic, adds a delectable touch to various dishes. For culinary delights like Bibimbap and spicy stir-fried meat, the classic Gochujang is an unbeatable choice. And let’s not overlook the seasonal pleasure of Strawberry Gochujang, a personal favourite of mine that I eagerly stock up on every summer. With an unwavering dedication to using only the finest ingredients, Island Eko Pantry ensures that every jar is treasured by passionate food enthusiasts like myself.”

Charlotte Park