Zero Waste Energy Balls

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Energy balls are available at Esquimalt Farmer's Market and Oaklands Sunset Market!

Handcrafted in Victoria, BC. All-natural ingredients and no preservatives. Gluten-Free/Vegan.

Why are they called Zero Waste energy balls? We use almond pulp, which is a byproduct of making almond milk. After blending soaked almond with water and squeezing it, what's left is the almond pulp. 

We get almond pulp from Zero Waste Emporium. They are a package-free grocery store in Victoria and they carry lots of items from food to personal care products and cleaning products. They also make in-house items such as pasta sauce and soup using seasonal produce, and almond milk is one of those in-house items.

We feel great to collaborate with a local business to reduce food waste. Those energy balls are developed after many recipe trials, so hope you enjoy them!


Dates, Almond pulp*, Sunflower seeds, Cocoa powder*, Shiro Miso*^ (white rice, soybeans, sea salt, filtered water, culture), Vanilla extract, Ginger powder*, Cardamom powder*

Almond pulp contains dates and sea salt in the process of making almond milk.

*organic / ^local (BC)

Best consumed within 1 week for freshness. Keep it refrigerated.