Gochujang (Korean Chili Paste)

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Handcrafted in Victoria, BC. All-natural ingredients and no preservatives. Gluten-Free/Vegan.

Gochujang is a staple in Korean cooking, and probably every household has this condiment whether it's homemade or store-bought. It may be hard to find Koreans who don't have this condiment in their pantry. Gochujang, unlike sriracha sauce, is rarely used alone, but rather used as a flavour enhancer mixed with other ingredients to add depths to various dishes such as soup, stew, noodle, stir-fries, bbq marinade and you name it! Our new favourite way of using this paste is to make Gochujang mayo, which is simply mixed with gochujang and mayonnaise.
To give you a brief lecture on how it is made, this appetizing savory chili paste is traditionally made with fermented soybean powder or block (Meju), sticky rice, rice or wheat, barley malt, and most importantly sundried Gochugaru (Korean red pepper powder). It takes a few months or years to mature in Korean earthenwares and is kept outdoors throughout all seasons. When it gets sunbathed, the flavours get enriched, and the red colour of the paste gets even deeper.

Our Gochujang, by the way, is a twisted version of traditional Gochujang. We wanted to make ours with natural gluten-free sweeteners and medicinal herbs.


Aka Miso*^ (white rice, soybeans, sea salt, filtered water, culture), Brown rice syrup**, Vegetable broth (water, astragalus root*, goji berries*, shiitake*), Korean red chili powder, Maple syrup*, Himalayan salt

*organic / **eco-farmed / ^local (BC)

Keep refrigerated 


Eco-Farming is a method that uses findings from modern science and eco-friendly farming methods as to not contaminate the environment through chemical output and genetically engineered crops. It is not the same as organic, but quite similar in that it ensures healthy food and farming, and it protects the soil, water, and climate. Learn more



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