All-Purpose Gochujang Sauce

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Handcrafted in Victoria, BC. All-natural ingredients and no preservatives. Gluten-Free/Vegan. 

Our All-Purpose Gochujang sauce is made for the folks who prefer a pre-made sauce that you can skip tedious steps of chopping, mashing, and mixing. We did the work for you! This type of sauce is known as 'Manneung Yangnyumjang' (Manneung=All purpose, Yangnyumjang = Seasoning sauce) in Korea. As the name implies, this sauce can be used in a variety of dishes such as Geotjeori (quick fresh kimchi salad), Stir-fries, soups, cold & hot noodles, etc. All the flavour enhancing ingredients are concocted, then matured before they arrive in your hands. 
One of the key ingredients for this sauce is SAKE LEES (Sake-kasu). Sake lees is a by-product that comes from the sake-making process. It is jam-packed with nutrients. It is used for fermented pickled vegetables, miso soup, amazake (Japanese fermented rice drink), ice cream, bread, meat tenderizer, and more. We use sake lees as a natural preservative, flavour enhancer, and for health benefits. We proudly source our sake lees from a local sake brewery, Artisan Sake Maker, on Granville Island, Vancouver.

We are also proud to use Korean grown and sun-dried Gochugaru; Korean red chili powder (Taeyangcho)


Gochujang, Tamari* (water, soybeans, salt, alcohol), Apple juice*^, Gochugaru (Korean red chili powder), Vegetable broth (water, astragalus root*, goji berries*, shiitake*), Brown rice syrup**, Sake lees^, Garlic, Garlic granules*, Sesame oil*, Ginger*

*organic / **eco-farmed / ^local (BC) (For gochujang ingredients, see our gochujang page.)

Keep refrigerated



Eco-Farming is a method that uses findings from modern science and eco-friendly farming methods as to not contaminate the environment through chemical output and genetically engineered crops. It is not the same as organic, but quite similar in that it ensures healthy food and farming, and it protects the soil, water, and climate. Learn more



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