Tofu Miso Dengaku

Because I still had a few blocks of tofu "meat" (frozen and thawed tofu) in the fridge from making tofu karaage the other day (look for our previous recipe!), I decided to make this dish.

Dengaku refers to a dish baked with Miso glaze sauce, and it's often served on skewers. Most common foods cooked as Dengaku include tofu, konjac (jelly made from the starch of devil's tongue), eggplant, and taro. Its sweet and salty sauce makes the dish compatible with rice but it's also enjoyed alone.

My favourite Dengaku is actually made with Nama-fu, which is wheat gluten mixed with rice flour and gives it mochi texture. It's a popular delicacy in Kyoto. When you have a chance to visit Japan, don't forget to try the dish!

Serving: 4  Prep time: 20 minutes


350 g          Firm Tofu, frozen and thawed

3 Tbsp        Miso

2 Tbsp        Cooking Sake

2 Tbsp        Mirin (rice wine)

2 tsp           Maple syrup (or sugar)

Yuzu peels (optional)

Cooking oil 

Sesame seeds for topping (optional)


  1. Heat the pan with oil and fry both sides of tofu until golden brown.
  2. Put aside tofu on a plate and add the miso glaze sauce into the pan (add Yuzu peels here if using).
  3. Stir it frequently so it doesn't burn. It's done when the sauce starts to thicken and the volume reduces.
  4. Add back tofu to the pan and coat it with the sauce.
  5. Once plated, sprinkle sesame seeds on top of tofu (optional).

* You can use the miso glaze sauce for baked eggplant, zucchini, mochi, etc. Play with it!

* If you use sugar instead of maple syrup, adjust the amount. You may need a few tablespoons.

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