Meet the team!

As spring has arrived, we are finally ready to meet you all! We can't express our gratitude enough to every one of you who have showed us your tremendous supports and kind guidance while we are moving forward in our journey. 

For those who don't know about us, we are Misako and Jungyeon, two foodies who love not only eating yummy food (who doesn't ?), but also sharing what we grow up eating. Misako coming from Japan and Jungyeon coming from Korea, our passion is to find that sweet spot where the East blends in the West. (Find out more about us)

Although there are so many foods that we want to share with you, we are starting with our 5 signature products first - leek miso, ginger miso, jalapeño miso, Gochujang, and all-purpose Gochujang sauce. We will periodically share recipes using our products, so stay tuned. Kitchen is your playground!

You can find us at those markets for 2021. We are truly looking forward to meeting you very soon!  

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